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These tests are designed to help users identify potential security risks. It's a free service that provides a number of scans. Please read the information below carefully before proceeding with the tests.

  • Only a limited number of well-known ports will be scanned.
  • Only the IP address the scan was requested from will be scanned.
  • Users cannot request a scan of an IP address that is not their own.
  • Users from behind a corporate firewall or NAT that request any of these tests may inadvertantly cause a port probe of the firewall.

The IP address to be scanned in this session is To ensure accurate results, please verify that this is your own IP. You can do this by starting winipcfg (for Windows 95/98), ipconfig (for newer versions of Windows) or ifconfig (for Unix).

If you are behind a corporate firewall, your system administrators might not approve of the scan. Please check with them before proceeding. Getting a complaint from your system administrator may result in disabling access to these tests from your network. You must assume the entire risk of using this procedure. By using this service you agree to indemnify the author (as well as everyone else somehow related to the server) from any liability that might arise from its use. You must agree to take all the responsibility on yourself.

Note: You are going to test your own computer - not your proxy, so disable it in your browser before proceeding. Your personal firewall may be left enabled. Since you may be running some services that may crash on connection attempt, I recommend you to save your work before scanning.

Port Scanner
This test will try to scan your computer for open ports.
Trojan Scanner
This test will try to scan your computer for open ports
widely used by trojan programs.
NetBIOS Scanner
This test will try to retrieve NetBIOS information from your computer.

Available tools
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